Shaun White Supply Co. Stunt Scooter

Shaun White Supply Co. Stunt Scooter

Full Product Review

Shaun White, a two times skateboard champion and Olympic gold winner has joined with D6 athletics to make a state of the art action sports items. Shaun White Supply Corporation main objective is to produced and provide authentic products at a very reasonable price.
Each and every product of Shaun White Supply Co. has been tested rigorously, improved and tested for the second time around; until Shaun as well as the manufacturing team felt that they already met the high quality standard.  
It was essential to the owner  that not just could the Shaun White Supply company’s product be utilized by him in contest but also can be utilized by spare time athletes in a determination to provide individuals the possibility to experience, excel and experiment in action sports. 

Product Description

All specifications, materials and shapes of the Shaun White Supply Co. stunt scooter are approved personally by Shaun White. It built with many useful features such as one piece powerful handle bar, a threadless fork, bar pins as well as tail whips. It also comes with long T6 aluminum deck along with complete grip tape.  The stunt scooter is also equipped with wheels made of metal with durable wearing PU tires as well as fast stop rear break. 

Product Features

The Shaun White Supply Co. stunt scooter is filled with unique features making this a must have product. These valuable features include:
  • One piece, super strong handle bar accentuated with comfort grips
  • It comes with treadles fork that provide smooth turns, tail whips and bar spins
  • Exception design full grip tape
  • The built in metal wheels comes with hard wearing Pu tires
  • Extra robust T6 aluminum deck
  • It also comes with rear break ideal for stalls and easy to stop
  • Very strong fork that has the ability to handle any impact
  • 3 clamps that adds security and strength as well. 
  • 10.2 pounds lightweight


  • Other than leisure, the Shaun White Supply Co. stunt scooter is also by many as means of transportation most especially in urban settings wherein there are wide pathways, parks as well as sidewalks. Many people consider this as a perfect alternative to bicycles as it is lighter and portable as well. These best features make the Shaun White Supply Co. stunt scooter the perfect mode of major transportation when roaming short distances within a borough setting
  • The design system of the Shaun White Supply Co. stunt scooter is very simple. It takes the concept of the handlebar for easy maneuvering, 2 inline wheels similar to skates and the low rise deck similar to skateboard
  • While there are an extensive variety of scooter available today, however the Shaun White Supply Co. stunt scooter are different from its rivalry as they have highly strong and total rotational deck
  • The handlebar of Shaun White Supply Co. stunt scooter is adjustable to make certain that the riders are capable to hold it smoothly, the twist variable speed acceleration features provides more control. The whole appearance of this device is suitable for all customers who have various tastes and likes when it comes to design and color
  • The Shaun White Supply Co. stunt scooter  provide a smooth and quick ride
  • It can be obtain in a very reasonable price
  • The rear hand brake allows the user to easily stop, while giving safety and full control as well


According to few customers who already purchase this state of the art device after how many use of Shaun White Supply Co. stunt scooter the wheel started to stick. However this may be the result of improper installation or inaccurate assembly.  
To avoid this circumstance, each and every time you purchase this item it comes with readable manual that was written clearly in order for you to follow the process on installation properly and the accurate way of maintaining the product as well. The unique features that comprehended in this device make it one of the top stunt scooters available in the market today. 


Stunt scooter is becoming more popular all over the world today as a mean of transportation and recreational things as well. They are great fun, reasonable price and encourage children to work out and away from other vices. It allows them to get to sports to make them fit.  
The safety and security of stunt scooter is far well than a skateboard because stunt scooter is built with T bar handle that allows the user to stand upright, as a result providing complete control at the same time as steering.  If you are looking for the best deal of stunt scooter available today in various retail store online, you can consider the innovative and user-friendly Shaun White Supply Co. stunt scooter.
This is a good gift for your children and a good investment as well.


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