Currie Ezip Trailz Electric Bicycle Men

Technical Details

  • 450 watts of power
  • Speed up to 15 – 22 miles per hour (24km/h)
  • Comfortable riding, suspension fork and removable battery pack
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Shimano Derailleur with SRAM Grip Shift and Shimano 7 Speed Freewheel
  • Power On/Off Switch
  • Easy removable battery pack with access charger port
  • Twist Throttle with PAS+TAG function
  • Battery Gauge


The currie technologies ezip Trailz electric bicycle for men's – 2011 Model EZ-TRZ-BK is a terrific alternative of transportation. It helps you give that extra push when you're cruising around your local suburban area or around town. It is equipped with your standard 450 motor with 24-volt rechargeable battery which offers a range of 15-22miles (claimed).

The manufacturer specifically made this for Men because it has a strong solid structure. However some people say it is unisex design. But it doesn't stop you buying this ebike if it's actually designed for men. The bars doesn't have that curves you see from the eZip Trailz for Women and it doesn't have that style of a beach bike. The bike is sturdy and it does have weight into it once you slide the battery pack onto the battery compartment.

It's just simply a straight forward ordinary structured kind of a bike. But the quality is solidly built and well constructed.

Product Dimension/Weight

Diamond Frame 68 lbs / 31 kg

Recommended riders weight

Suitable for young adult up to adult with 240 pound capacity

Item model number


Product Highlights

  • Locks your battery in place and has a key to remove them.
  • Be careful not to use the full throttle all the time when climbing uphills as it drains the battery quickly. It is suggested you should use the Pedal assist instead.
  • Brand new 2011 model electric bicycle

Electric bicycle reviews: eZip Trailz electric bicycle for men's

Just like your other electric bicycle, the ezip Trailz electric bicycle for men's can take you between 1-2 hours to assemble. Assembly of the bike would be quite a challenge if you're new to building an electric bicycle.

But if you cannot stand putting the bike together just visit your local bike shop and they will do it for you for a couple of bucks. Not only that, they can assemble the bike the right way and tweak the brakes and align everything for you.

Before assembly I recommend charging the SLA rechargeable battery straight away upon receiving them, as the battery pack can take 8 hours to charge. I know it's frustrating to buy a bike when you can't ride it straight away but it's all worth the wait once everything is ready to rock and roll.

On the other thought, you may consider buying an extra rechargeable battery at least this way you double the range of riding the bike and you can double the fun cruising around with the bike.

The speed of the currie technologies eZip Trailz electric bicycle for men's goes up to 15Mph. Which is fast enough to make people turn their heads. If you peddle in full speed with power distribution from the motor, you can push the bike for more than 20+Mph. The ezip trailz bike is user friendly and if you know how to use an ordinary bike, the electric bike is no different.

There are two power distribution and that is from Full Throttle mode or from Pedal Assist mode. Changing from one to another mode is easy enough and it's great when you ride the ezip trailz bike on different terrain as you can change the mode if required. It's also useful when you ride it uphill.

Although I highly suggest not to use the full throttle as it can drain your battery very quickly. If you struggle riding the bike, the full throttle mode can help you ride uphills with no sweat. If you want to conserve energy the trick for your battery is to use the pedal assist mode and only use the full throttle on flat areas.

If you are thinking of a slight upgrade for your eZip Trailz electric bicycle, a better step is upgrading your battery pack to a lithium battery 36volt or a 48volt. This will give you a longer range, faster speed increase, higher top speed uphill, mid-hill and higher top speed on flat surface.

Currie Ezip Trailz Electric Bicycle Men PROS and CONS


  • Latest Release 2011 – eZip Trailz electric bicycle for men's
  • Great value for an electric assist bike
  • Benefits you in two ways – Saves money on petrol and health benefit
  • Battery can last up to 20miles with steady pedaling with electric assist
  • Easy shifting gears, tires are great to have on the streets and also offroad
  • Seat is adjustable and comfortable
  • Bargain for its price
  • Quite motor


Almost 50-60 pounds with the battery
You might require gloves if you are running longer trips


Overall, the ezip trailz electric bicycle for men's has alot to offer and it's a bargain to get it cheaper than the other electric bicycle I saw. For around under $500, it's great bang for your buck and affordable. I don't think you can compare this to any other bikes that cost around thousands of dollars.  If you want to get more speed and lighter weight than the SLA battery. You can consider getting a lithium battery for long lasting of fun and get a better gears for more speed.


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